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Enjoy the Dominican Beaches... Enjoy Dominican Horseback Riding...
Enjoy Dominican Fishing... Enjoy Dominican Hiking...

We want you to have a perfect tropical vacation... here at the Casa del Sol Hotel in Luperon. Your "home away from home" is close to the beach. Jose is a licensed National Tour Guide and he can arrange all types of tours for you including hiking and fishing. Luperon is a yachting and boating center and you can meet and talk with the boaters. If your are ready to retire then the Dominican Republic ~ Hispaniola ~ is a great place for retirement. We have Puerto Blanco Marina and Marina Tropical here in Luperon. Close by is the Christopher Columbus Museum and a few miles away is the brand new Carnival Cruise Lines terminal now under construction in Maimon. They call their new project Amber Cove. Come and enjoy the Dominican Republic North Coast. We want to help! We feature clean rooms with air conditioning plus a bar and fine restaurant. We provide an American Style breakfast every morning as an option. This is the tropics and a fine Luperon location! Santo Domingo, Santiago, Imbert and Puerto Plata all have attractions worth seeing. The whole Country is beautiful and the North Coast climate is perfect.

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Here, on the small map below, is where Luperon is... in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Good things are happening right here in Luperon just like this Super Project which will provide a lot of jobs for the area. This project is called Punta Alma and when it is opened it will be providing four thousand jobs here. This Town of Luperon is on the move!
Luperon is moving forward... and is the home of some exciting projects. You already know that the Dominican Government is now making things very easy for people to retire and live in this country. Tourism just keeps growing and this area is fast becoming the paradise of choice for many Canadian and European tourists. Some beautiful new Gated Communities such as the new Luperon Hills are currently available in anticipation of the influx of retirees from all over the world. Follow your tropical dreams!

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